Practical training program for
students as qualified panel technician
in universities (in Greater China)

SCG can help to send our experienced professionals to colleges to teach practical workshop (one day) for students as qualified panel technician. The workshop focuses on the basic concepts and operational requirements for sensory analysis. An examination will be held after the workshop for those students who is willing to take. A certificate of a qualified panel technician will be issued to the one who pass the examination.

The workshop purpose : To provide an opportunity to students who are willing to learn the basic concepts and operational requirements on conducting scientific sensory analysis in order to have the basic skill to conduct so in the future as they join the industrial community.

The workshop content:The content is designed according to ISO guidance on sensory analysis.

09:00~09:50 Introduction of sensory analysis
10:00~10:50 The physiological and psychological effects
11:00~11:50 The four basic requirements (environment/sample/panelist/statistics)
13:00~13:50 Panelist management(screen/train/interaction/control)
14:00~14:50 Sensory attributes and methods
15:00~15:50 Practical operational concepts
16:00~16:50 Examination 

Fee:NTD 94,500

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