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Color effects affect sensory perceptions a lot


There’s more than one reason you might decide to reach for the reddest apple in the produce aisle bin, but it may also surprise you to know that the color red actually heightens the perception of sweetness. We call this there is interaction between red and sweet, which means color perception and taste perception come across on perceptions of us. All these we can have the scientific findings. For example, color, however, did not affect the perceived sweetness of the drink and did not affect the drink's ability to quench thirst. Color did affect flavor intensity, especially in the older group. Color did affect flavor quality (how "true" it tasted). Changes in color made people think the flavor of the drink was different. Color did affect overall acceptability of the drink. So, if we do not want our result being affected by color, then we need control the vision of our panelist by employing certain lighting control system or certain controlled utensils.