Sensory capability

Are you a qualified panelist for a certain product?


Is anybody can be the panelist? This question always pops out for commercial project. We will say yes and no. [Yes] for no limitations on education degree, gender, age, species, jobs, salaries etc., [No] for you may be not qualified for certain sensory capabilities, consumer target, eating habits. Therefore, a [qualified] panelist will go through certain screening procedures. The screening procedure is for removing the panelists that not proper for certain product/test/project.

The screening criteria include 2 parts, first part is basic conditions and second part is sensory conditions. Basic conditions include suitability screen for personnel, timing, willingness, traits via interview or questionnaire. Sensory conditions include eating habits, product preference, communication capability, understanding capability, recognition capability, description capability, expression capability, sensitivity capability, reliability capability. Therefore, to answer whether [qualified] or not all depend on all results from the conditions/criteria that will be conducted during the screen procedure.