Sensory Analysis

Do you want to upgrade your sensory analysis ability or your sensory capability on your tongue


This is a myth thought for some companies who did not realize the difference between scientific sensory analysis and art style sensory evaluation.

In terms of a organization (company), sensory analysis ability is more critical than sensory capability. In terms of personal, you may choose to have better sensory capability than sensory analysis ability. Which one do you need to focus if you are a member of your RD team? Your sensory capability is not so important as you are not supposed to be the panelist for the product that you developed as you will be bias for sure. Therefore, you should focus on your sensory analysis ability set up a scientific sensory test to support the product that you developed.

The personnel involved in a scientific sensory test include both panel staff and panelist. The contribution of panel staff is his/her reliable sensory analysis ability while the contribution of panelist is his/her stable sensory capability. The panelists are important to create data to you while the panel staffs are more important to maintain the quality of panelists to create reliable data for you.