Scholarship for student
research on sensory analysis
(in Greater China)

A. Purpose

In order to encourage the students in colleges to employee sensory analysis in their research/study, we, therefore, set up this scholarship. We will issue NTD6,000 prize for the student who employee MakeSense internet software SECT or SERD (in Chinese) in their research/study and published the result for annual IFT held in Taiwan.

B. Targets

Students in relative department in all colleges in Greater China.

C. Rights for the winner

  1. The winner can get scholarship NTD 6,000 (tax responsibility is on the winner if it is needed). The winner needs to sign a receipt.
  2. SCG can issue a recommendation letter to this published article.
  3. SCG will offer the interim opportunity for the winner.

D. Conditions for applicants (both conditions are required)

  1. The MakeSense SECT or SERD is employed in the research/study.
  2. The result is published in annual IFT held in Taiwan (at least as post publication) and the software is mentioned in the publication.

E. Process

  1. Registration with SCG.
  2. Apply the free use for MakeSense for 30 days. To extend the days is acceptable with application (application linkage)
  3. Turn the publication paper to SCG for review.
  4. Will announce the reviewal result.
  5. Will issue the scholarship to the winner.

F. Review criteria:

  1. The rationale/ compatibility of the experimental design of the sensory analysis in the study.
  2. The rationale/ compatibility of the explanation on the sensory result and judgement.
  3. The compatibility of the application of MakeSense SECT or SERD in the study.
  4. The MakeSense SECT or SERD is mentioned in the methodology section in the paper.