Industrial Applications

Application of sensory analysis in marketing function in a company


Sensory analysis is not just the tool for RD teams, it can play good functions for marketing team as well. It can help marketing team in the work of
1.sensory claim/appeal,
2.product concept analysis,
3.consumer survey and analysis,
4.sensory marketing (marketing via 5 senses), market/new segment digging, of life cycle of the product.

Sensory analysis can provide the following information for marketing jobs :

  • 1.provide the critical factors for consumer perception of the product
  • 2.provide the communication languages with consumers for product characteristics
  • 3.provide the analysis of product positioning
  • 4.provide the key claim for advertisement
  • 5.provide the evidence for choosing channels
  • 6.provide the relationship between consumer information and lab data
  • We usually will employ marketing survey/consumer survey to identify the target consumers and will employ sensory analysis/consumer test to identify the target product. The profit comes out as we can match the target consumers with the target product.

    The criteria that US court will accept the scientific advertisement claim from sensory analysis:

    1. proper target population definition
    2. proper consumer (target population) sampling with representativeness
    3. correct test method
    4. conducted by qualified scientist
    5. proper data collection procedure and proper report
    6. the test should be conducted with widely accepted test principals
    7. the test can be done with repeating blind test