Sensory Analysis

The abilities that you got to hold as being a qualified panel technician


A panel technician (based on ISO 13300 on staff) needs to work on preparation of sensory test facility (environment control), samples for test, ballot for test, procedures of serving samples before the test, as well as management of the panelists, test conduction, collecting data during the test, and protect samples, cleaning up and getting data ready for analysis after the test, under the monitor by a qualified panel leader.

A qualified panel technician should possess abilities of sensory basic controls, sensory test operations, food scientific concepts of samples, and management of panelists.

Usually, a sensory test done with quality (reliability) for 30 panelists can be conducted within one hour by a qualified panel leader and a qualified panel technician.

There is no limitation on education degree, but sensory basic knowledge will be required. The personality traits should be emotion stable, open-minded, friendly interaction with panelists and successfully require panelist to finish the test.