The methodology for grouping young Taiwanese preference on Taiwanese tea


Some of you may be familiar with PCA for grouping consumers.

We are here to introduce a better way by employing PLS via a commercial software, The Unscrambler, for grouping consumer.

There were 7 different common tea species employed in the study, all of them could be served both at cold temperature (to 85 consumers) and hot temperature (to 99 consumers) to young consumers. The consumers rank the teas on preference. The consumers also were surveyed on their tea drinking behavior and divided into hot tea fan and cold tea fan, separately.

It can be found that 3 teas can be grouping as one for having more astringent, one tea as one for having more green-odor, 3 teas as third group for having more aftersweet.

However, this grouping results are different for the hot tea fan and cold tea fan. Their preferences are also different. PLS model is more powerful on predicting the preference and grouping consumers.

Hot tea fan prefers Oolong style more while cold tea fan prefers black tea more.